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Compare RiseSocial.co and Followfans in our Instagram follower comparison table! This Rise Social review was updated in 2018

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Followers that like your photos
HQ English speaking followers Low-quality or foreign
One time payment
Replace any lost followers or likes
30 day refund
Remove followers if you change your mind
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Why does Rise Social appear on the top of Google?
Because Rise Social pays for the top spot on Google Adwords. They are paying for exposure, rather than achieving it organically. Ironically their delivery process is not the best system to use, in fact it actually breaches Instagram’s own terms of service. Their business was renamed from Social Envy which closed down due to having so many bad reviews.

Is Rise Social really “rated #1 in IG growth tools”?
No, that sounds more like a false marketing claim. They have not been around very long, as they are constantly changing their name due to bad reviews. Rise Social were previously known as Social Envy, but closed their website due to bad reviews and media coverage.

Does Rise Social use fake reviews?
Yes, they post positive reviews about themselves through fake review sites they have created, such as spireusa.com and igreviews.co. They also post negative reviews about Followfans on these sites too, despite the fact that we have been in business since 2014 and we are going strong despite their attempts. Followfans is unable to combat these fake reviews by Rise Social as they are constantly creating new fake review sites. We believe that by being upfront about our business, customers will be able to make an informed decision. Followfans is the only provider of english speaking Instagram followers on the market.

This Rise Social review was published by Followfans. Rise Social is a trading name of RiseSocial.co. Rise Social has no relation to Followfans LLC.