“iDigic delivers fake, low quality Instagram Followers…

While Followfans delivers accounts that like your photos”.

Followreview.org reviews slam iDigic:

Take the time to read the iDigic audit and review on Followreview.org for which they received a D- rating in testing “Is iDigic legit?”. Not only that, but they sell fake accounts that look terrible. At Followfans you can purchase Instagram Followers that like your photos at a cheap price!

iDigic vs Followfans Pricing

  • 1,000 Followers for $9.95 $9.90
  • 2,000 Followers for $26.95 $14.90
  • 5,000 Followers for $39.95 $26.90
  • 10,000 Followers for $64.95 $38.90
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We deliver our orders within 12 and 48 hours, and offer a 30 day refund guarantee period for customers who are not satisfied. Followfans also offer the ability for you to buy active Instagram followers based on race and location! Instagram fame has never been so easy.

  • All of our instagram accounts are interactive; they like photos and sometimes comment in relation to your post. Not all followers will like your pictures (20% – 25% will like) to keep your account looking natural!
  • You’ll receive 24/7 email support, with a guaranteed reply within 6 hours.
  • We offer you a 30 day refund if your order is not delivered.
  • Follower reversal is available; contact us to remove them at any time.
  • We’re ranked A+ on Followreview.org – the Instagram trust authority.

So, is iDigic a legitimate website? Thats for you to decide – as for us at Followfans, we’d love to help you get real interaction on your profile!