Instagram Follower sites are nowadays selling fake followers on the cheap. The quality they provide is poor, not to mention their terrible customer service and reputation for scamming. However, some solutions are emerging in the market in an effort to promote better business practices:

Recently went live, and we were lucky enough to receive a fantastic rating from their site. They provide an accurate picture of the safety of many Instagram follower sites, using a culmination of user reviews and real life tests. provides the closest match to “Real Instagram Followers”. We provide an interactive solution – meaning your profile looks as real as ever.

Followreview is providing a wonderful forum for a digital market. Just like other sites, we have to work hard to ensure we maintain our strong rating. I’ve yet to see any sites respond to this, but have to laugh at the fake reviews provided by many of them on their websites. Take a look at our pricing on our homepage – you might chose otherwise, but I can assure those who choose to shop with Followfans – we won’t disappoint.

Dean Weston is the sales and support manager for, and a business undergraduate the University of Auckland.