Notice about fake Followfans reviews

Dear reader,

We are writing this notice to inform any potential customers that we are aware of a large number of falsified reviews about us online. This issue became more prominent in 2018, when most of the reviews were published.

In 2016 and 2017, Followfans received high praise in customer reviews, and our competitors were quick to notice. They have created falsified reviews of our service. Sites such as, spireusa, selectedbest and many others are fake review sites. They have been designed by the owners of top rated Instagram Follower sites on google, with the intention of making their product look more legitimate and to drive traffic away from our operation. However, they are also using legitimate review sites to post falsified reviews.

We understand that many of the reviews posted about us seem sinister. However, it is the same template and attack that these providers apply to any small Instagram business. Some of the reviews are posted around the same time, all at once. This is noticeably fake. 

We publicly denounce fake review sites, who operate awful and lowly business models. We are one of a few services to provide assurance that your followers won’t just drop off after a week.

Followfans is a niche and boutique company, and will continue to be so. Thank you to our loyal customers for their continued support. We hope that you, our potential client, will give us a chance to impress you.

Our very best regards,

Neil and Eric

Founders, Followfans LLC